Research in Ed Tech: Virtual Worlds

Annotated Bibliography: Learning in Virtual Worlds

Wow so where do I start with this one? This was another project that started slow and ended with a flurry! First off, I am a super research maniac, speaking in unorganized terms of course. Whenever I am interested in something whether it be to purchase or just want to take a look, I will research it to death! I’ve researched some items so much that I ended up losing interest in them and didn’t buy. This project was a different animal though. It took me a bit of getting used to having to organize and formalized everything.

I really¬† enjoyed learning zotero and expect to bring this into my arsenal of research tools as I become more accustomed to it. As far as the overall project went, I will have to echo Josh Haines comments in that if you asked me what I thought of this project on Friday and Saturday of this week…yuck! However, after digging in I have a whole new appreciation for organized research and of course learning via Virtual Worlds.


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