Educational Technology Graphic

Once I had some free time to finally get started on this project, I pondered on what might make a sufficient representation of what the meaning of Educational Technology is, in graphic form. Then I thought to myself, “why does this have to be a static graphic?” So I decided to come up with some kind of “motion” graphic to encompass the meaning of Ed Tech. Then it dawned on me, the journey through this course has given us a glimpse of what Ed Tech is all about, so why not use that as a starting point.

While researching on what kind of graphic to do, I stumbled upon the famous “Marvel Comics” intro, and was able to find a free template from a generous artist on youtube. I then took screenshots of assignment imagery that was used throughout this class. With the help of Adobe Aftereffects and photoshop I was able to compile this fun little educational technology motion graphic. The graphic screenshots, encompass a piece from every single assignment we have worked on this semester. As the motion graphic comes to an end I added the definition of Educational Technology as the final conclusion.


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