About Me

Thomas MortMy name is Thomas Mort and I am currently stationed in Germany as a Public Affairs/Photojournalist for the U.S. Army. In 1999, I completed my bachelor of fine arts degree in graphic design, from Boise State University. After completing my degree I worked in the creative and marketing field for 10 years. In April of 2009 I enlisted in the Army to pursue photojournalism.

My immediate goal and vision is to become an expert in designing and implementing interfaces and online instruction tools for schools and corporations. I would like to become an expert in the design of educational videos as well as virtual worlds. My longterm goal and D7K_5169vision is for students to be able to “sit down into a virtual classroom” and attend class anywhere in the world. This could be done in real time or as a pre-recorded class. When I completed my degree at Boise State, at the time, online classes were just being introduced; as we all know, they’ve come a long way since then. I envision online classrooms being offered as the norm and physical campus classes on rare occasions only, as we move into a new era of education. Not only does online education make sense, but also it is fun and engaging.


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