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Educational Technology Graphic

Once I had some free time to finally get started on this project, I pondered on what might make a sufficient representation of what the meaning of Educational Technology is, in graphic form. Then I thought to myself, “why does this have to be a static graphic?” So I decided to come up with some kind of “motion” graphic to encompass the meaning of Ed Tech. Then it dawned on me, the journey through this course has given us a glimpse of what Ed Tech is all about, so why not use that as a starting point.

While researching on what kind of graphic to do, I stumbled upon the famous “Marvel Comics” intro, and was able to find a free template from a generous artist on youtube. I then took screenshots of assignment imagery that was used throughout this class. With the help of Adobe Aftereffects and photoshop I was able to compile this fun little educational technology motion graphic. The graphic screenshots, encompass a piece from every single assignment we have worked on this semester. As the motion graphic comes to an end I added the definition of Educational Technology as the final conclusion.


1.2 Using

Candidates demonstrate the ability to select and use technological resources and processes to support student learning and to enhance their pedagogy.