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Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

Professional Ethics Paper

This project was a bear for me. After reading the different scenarios I was stumped on what kind of example to write about as I am not in a school setting, per-say. While reading the scenarios, the right and wrong was not always straight forward and evident. This example of ethics violation that I will be talking about is, in my professional opinion, very straight forward.

I went back and forth on ideas and scenarios but nothing really stuck. The problem as I had mentally stuck myself into trying to find an example within the Army. I found many, many good examples of ethics violations that I know of and have also experienced but none were tied to educational technology. Finally I decided to reach out to my youngest son’s preschool teacher and this is where I found an excellent example and scenario. I must also admit that I had no idea what The AECT Code of Professional Ethics entailed. I know we’ve been following it all along but I just hadn’t put enough attention to it. Now that I’ve read and researched about it, I have a whole new perspective and respect for teachers and those involved in theĀ  teaching profession. As a parent, it also puts me at ease that the teachers who are with my two sons on almost a daily basis, are held to such a high standard.


1.5 Ethics

Candidates demonstrate the contemporary professional ethics of the field as defined and developed by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.