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Digital Divide/Digital Inequality



Google Slides Presentation

Google VoiceThread Presentation

Wow. This was quite the project with several ups an downs. However in the end it was pure joy! I was thoroughly impressed with Google VoiceThread…what a tool this is! I will definitely be thinking of ways I can use this media in the future. The one aspect that was most difficult for me was making contact with the teachers. With them being as busy as they are and myself off on missions most of the time, this became quite a challenge. I eventually made contact via email and went in to interview those who were willing. Surprisingly several did NOT want to be interviewed.

After researching the digital divide and digital inequality, I really learned a lot. I also learned, from visiting my son’s Middle/High School more thoroughly, that technology has really advanced since my days in school. I really had no idea there was so much technology available and how much of it was being used. It is so different now than my days in school with the trusty old green chalk boards and lugging around a spiral binder for each class.

There is definitely a connection in the digital divide and the AECT Professional Code of Ethics that we follow. We have so much power available to us but at the same time we have to gauge that with how we use it. We must be smart about it.

In all honesty, I could easily spend a full month researching and learning more about this artifact. There is so much more to learn that I feel this assignment was given o merely get a taste of what is out there.



3.5 Ethics

Candidates foster a learning environment in which ethics guide practice that promotes health, safety, best practice, and respect for copyright, Fair Use, and appropriate open access to resources.